• 26 and 27 Oct. | 2021
  • Expo Barra Funda | SP

Sobre a BCB

The Convent Bar event began in 2007 as a small meeting of the premium drinks segment in Berlin and quickly became one of the most important international trade show of bars and drinks.

Now expanding, the event made a successful debut in New York and landed in São Paulo to start in Brazilian lands, where creativity and diversity favors a mature environment for cocktail and beverage manufacturing.

BCB São Paulo will be an important channel among premium brands, professionals and influencers in the bar and beverage industry throughout the world, promoting experiences, content, inspiration, trends and business.

General information

Date: June 17th and 18th, 2019

Venue: Location: Expo Barra Funda

Address: R. Tagipuru, 1001 - Barra Funda / São Paulo, SP


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